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What Can Commercial Automation Technology Do For Your Business?

Learn the Possibilities from Paradise Valley’s Control4 Dealer

What Can Commercial Automation Technology Do For Your Business?

Business owners are always seeking that edge that will put their companies ahead of the competition. The newest trend for businesses across all industries, from restaurants to offices, is commercial automation. As Arizona’s top Control4 dealer, we’ve seen firsthand the impact that upgrading a business with modern technology can have. So what can you expect with a Control4 system automating your commercial building’s A/V, lights, security, and more? Keep reading to find out.

More Money Saved

Running a business costs a lot of money. The operational costs of keeping the lights on, the temperature comfortable, and all the equipment running result in a steep energy bill each month. Obviously, you can’t just turn off the lights or raise the temperature to 85 degrees, so how can you cut down that energy bill? A Control4 system works by connecting all of the technology in your business, from the overhead lights to the shades on the windows, and then taking advantage of opportunities to save energy. For instance, the system might automatically raise the shades and dim the artificial lights in favor of natural light, then lower the shades if solar heat gain causes too much of a temperature increase.

Better Ambiance

Distributed music, digital advertising displays, 4K televisions, and lighting levels are all ways that companies can make themselves stand out. Use lighting control to highlight sales displays in a retail store. Add a wall of 4K TVs to your sports bar. Install hidden speakers to soothe patients with music in your medical or dentist office. Whatever your style, commercial automation technology from Control4 can improve your business image and keep customers coming back.

Less Time Wasted

How much time do your employees spend trying to find the right remote for the projector or troubleshooting connectivity problems before a presentation? Control4 designs their systems to be completely intuitive so your employees will know exactly what they need to do to get your business ready for customers, a key presentation, or everyday operations. In the mornings, the first employee to arrive needs only to press a single button to disarm the security system, turn on all the lights, start playing music, and lower the temperature.

All of Your Technology Seamlessly Connected

There are endless possibilities for the things you can automate in your business, but the real magic happens when all of the technology connects together as one fluid system. Here’s an example of how all of this would work in an office conference room:

Until the room is needed, the window shades are down, the lights are turned off, and the electronics are in sleep mode to save on energy and cooling costs. When an occupancy sensor recognizes that someone has entered the space, the conference room comes to life, automatically turning on the lights and raising the shades.

All your employee has to do to get the room ready for a teleconference or presentation is push a single button on the touchscreen tablet integrated into the wall or conference table. Immediately, the screen will lower, the projector will turn on, the lights will dim, and so on. Imagine the difference in ambiance as you meet with key executives in this high-tech environment.

With Control4, all of the technology in your room or building is redesigned into a centralized system that you and your employees can manage from an easy-to-use interface. Are you ready to see the possibilities for a Control4 system customized to your unique business environment? Give us a call or fill out this quick form to learn more.

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