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Alarm Systems

Gain peace of mind that you’ll be notified if something just isn’t right and increase safety by integrating with lights, surveillance, audio and climate


Video Surveillance

Monitor activities real-time whether you’re in the house or on the other side of the world


Remote Access

No need to run back home to make sure you locked the door, simply use your Apple or Android device to access security


    Alarm Systems

    An alarm system customized to your lifestyle will be the most effective at protecting what you value the most. Gain peace of mind with the confidence that you’ll be notified while you’re away if something in your home just isn’t right. Receive a text message that the alarm is not set or the door is open. Access real-time information from touch screens and mobile devices. An integrated home alarm system can provide more safety by also triggering lights, surveillance cameras, audio and climate based on the situation. Set the burglar alarm and secure doors and gates with a tap of your touchscreen before going to bed.

    Video Surveillance

    With high-definition surveillance cameras in and around your home, you can monitor activities real-time whether you’re in Arizona or halfway around the globe. Receive live video streams of entrances to see who’s at the door, interior areas, the perimeter, or even check on the kids playing in the pool all from the same touch screen that controls your home entertainment system or from your smart mobile device. Camera types include pan-tilt-zoom, covert, long-range, nanny cams, and more. Activity is documented on a digital recorder so you can play back at your convenience.

    Remote Access

    Access your smart security system anytime, anywhere! No more running back to your Gilbert or Mesa, Arizona property to make sure a door is locked, instead connect remotely from your Apple® or Android device to arm/disarm, check status, change codes, view surveillance, and more. We can route your smart security system through a central monitoring system alerting you via email or text message of events that you set. Get notified if the temperature in your wine cellar exceeds a certain level, or there’s a water leak. If integrated with your smart home control system, you can adjust the temperature or shut off the water remotely.

    Motion Detection

    What happens if an intruder gets past your window and door sensors? A motion detector provides a second line of defense to keep what matters to you most safe and secure. It’s similar to a sensor, except it detects motion and body heat. When motion is detected not only can alerts be made, but lights can be turned on and window shades can be closed if integrated to a smart home automation system. We’re happy to discuss motion detection options for pet owners too. A secure home means peace of mind for your whole family. And what’s more important than that?

    Automated Door Locks

    An automated door lock is convenient so you don’t have to juggle keys, and it’s smart enough to report to your smart security system when someone enters or exits the house, as well as which passcode was used. You can receive a text or email when this happens, which is a great way to know the kids arrived home safely from school or guests have arrived. Protect sensitive areas of your home like gun rooms, wine cellars and home theaters by installing automated door locks on interiors doors. Different sizes are available and some include the actual handset or doorknob. We’ll help you choose the one that’s right for your door and needs.

    Fire / Life Safety

    Increase safety in your Mesa home for your family by tying smoke, heat and gas detectors into your smart security system. When your smoke alarm is integrated, it ensures rapid response from the fire department or your HVAC system can turn off to prevent fueling a fire. Heat detectors are used to detect fires in areas that are naturally smoky or dusty, such as kitchens, garages, and basements. Protect your family’s wellbeing by monitoring carbon monoxide, natural gas and LP gas. An alarm system can also be connected to health-related sensors including panic pendants and fall detectors.

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