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A Quick Guide for Adding a Theater to Your Home

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A Quick Guide for Adding a Theater to Your Home

Knowing you want a home theater and making it happen are two very different things. However, the process of upgrading your Scottsdale or Chandler area property with a private cinema doesn’t have to be difficult. As Arizona’s top expert on home theater systems, we’ve designed and streamlined a process for adding fully custom theaters that produce the best visuals and sound quality possible. Below, we’ve boiled down our process so that you can understand what goes into designing and installing the theater of your dreams.

Step 1: Assess the Space

Home theaters are never “one size fits all.” The size, shape, and layout of a room all have a significant impact on how films will look and sound.  So, if you want a high-quality movie-watching experience, you need to plan out how to best utilize that unique space.

Does the room have windows or vaulted ceilings? Is it a square or rectangular shaped room? Does the room have adequate wiring for the home theater equipment? Answering all these questions and more will give your home theater installer the information needed to move forward.

Step 2: Develop a Plan

By combining the information gained by assessing the space and your desires for design and functionality, the installer can draw up clear plans for the entire process. These plans can serve as the basis for collaborating with interior designers, builders, architects, and other contractors who might be involved in the process (especially for new construction). By coming up with a concrete and feasible plan right from the start, you can rest easy knowing exactly what you’re getting before any work begins.

Step 3: Install Equipment/Décor

Once the plan is approved, your home theater installer can get to work on transforming the room into a cinema! Speakers, projectors, and other equipment are all carefully placed at just the right spots for stellar acoustics and visuals in relation to any décor you might have in the room.

One of the great things about a professional home theater system is that you never have to worry about cords or equipment cluttering the space. Instead, you get a clean look that keeps your attention on the 4K Ultra HD screen. Everything is designed to have a cohesive look and feel to promote the right ambiance.

Step 4: Calibrate

The standard sound and screen settings almost always aren’t the right fit for a custom theater. Your home theater expert will carefully calibrate each speaker, the projector, and other equipment so that everything is optimized to perfection. Because everyone has different tastes, we tailor the sound and visual levels to your liking.

Beyond the sound and screen settings, we also optimize the system to be as easy to use as possible. This process could include setting up a full home automation system that allows you to access all of your media and theater equipment using a single remote. This remote could even control the lights!

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Step 5: Enjoy!

Once you’re happy with how the theater looks and sounds, it’s ready for you to enjoy. We’ll work with you to make sure you know exactly how to operate your home theater system (and we set it up so that it’s as simple as pressing the “Movie” option on your smartphone). So the next time you want to watch your favorite film, you can do it in style at the push of a button.

Ready to upgrade your movie-watching experience? Get started today by giving us a call at 480.361.9500 or filling out this quick contact form.

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